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About datingscams

About datingscams

Hello! My name is Kasey. I am manager of this site. Here you will find a lot of important information as to how to get protected against dating scammers.
The numerous Russian scammers are impeding real ladies of nearly all opportunities to find a beloved man or a husband. They are deteriorating the reputation of Russian women and deceiving foreign men.
I have created this site to stop internet scammers. Certainly, I cannot stop them physically. But you and I will not let them deceive us. We will not let them take your money and break your hearts. Only together we are able to help real ladies find their happiness if we stop Russian scammers.
During quite a few years, I have been staying in touch with men from different countries. The Lord gave me true friends, and I’m very thankful for that. A lot of stories were told to me by the men who had become the objects of deception or attempts of deception.

I started studying the methods of Russian scammers, their ways of affecting men’s psychology, their methods of deception. Actually, scammers possess a lot of fantasy, but no values in life, and many of their stories might seem just distressful to you. They have a goal and take any ways to achieve it. Nothing can stop them; they are unable to feel mercy or love.
Presently, I have got enough knowledge of Russian scammers’ activity and I am ready to share it with you. On my site you can find the biggest database of Russian internet scammers and their e-mails. You can also read stories told by men who had been the objects of deception or attempts of deception. Send your stories and share your experience. I’ll be happy if you agree to cooperate, give your advice and ask your questions. I will answer each of your letters. Without you and your participation the site won’t work. You are not just readers, we are a team. We are helping each other and many more people.
The only goal of internet scammers is your money. They take any methods to delude a man and then pull as much money as they can from him.
Only you can stop these people. I am here to assist. But I can’t stop them by myself, without your help! When silent and idle, we’ll never succeed. I am waiting for your new stories, your advice and proposals. The site is updated regularly. Your new stories and names of internet scammers will be published on the site in order to protect other men from getting into the same kind of trouble that you had.
You can find two e-books on my site. I have done a lot of work to provide the important information which will help you stay protected against internet scammers and find your beloved one in Russia. In my e-books you’ll find a lot of advice and real situations. I’ll tell you about the psychology of a Russian lady, what she is expecting in life, what she would appreciate and how to win her heart.

Sincerely yours, Kasey.