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Natalia Mochalova

Natalia Mochalova
(Cheboksary, Russia)


E-mail: nataliakitty@bk.ru

Greetings my new friend Edward!!! ……. I want to tell to you a little about myself. I work In hospital. I the pediatrist. I have the high medical education. I specialities the expert in pediatrics. You love children? I very much to like my work. My working hours from 8:30 till 18:30 . As you already know, me of 28 years. I was never married and I do not have children. Unfortunately I have no computer and therefore I shall write letters from the Internet of cafe. I hope that it will not prevent our dialogue.

… I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary. … Your friend Natalia.

* * * * *

Hi my friend Edward!!! I am glad that you have written to me again. You see with each letter our relations develop and develop friendship. They become more than friendship. You agree? But while it still dislike. You see we know each other not yet enough. I want to talk to you about one of the major questions am a question of religion. I to trust in the God. My religion – Christianity. And yours? Me christened when to me there was no as early as one year and frequently drove in church. I was brought up with belief in the God and this belief helps me in my life.

But I think what to trust or not trust in the God this private affair of everyone and it is necessary to respect a position of each person in this question. My parents speak me, that I should be always open. I to tell them, that our attitudes to develop successfully and they are happy for us. They to dream, that I, at last, there was not one and to have family. I hope you to feel too most? I wait for your answer. Natalia. ps I shall be very glad to teact you to Russian and to teach in Spanish and German…

* * * * *

Good afternoon my lovely Edward. That has written thank me again. I am very glad to this also it to deliver to me the big happiness. It seems to me I
to fall in love with you. I hope you not against my feelings to you? To you probably it is interesting why I to start to test to you such feelings? And so. I to begin to test to you feelings because you in my opinion combine the majority of qualities which I search in the man of my dream. Honesty is necessary value of the man of my dream. I agree a harmonious and passionate sex life and romantic moments as much as possible is also a very important pillar Such impression at me has developed under your letters.
…. I yesterday thought, that with us will be farther. You were not asked this question? I have already become attached to you want to see your letters each day. I very much frequently to think of you. I to think, that our friendship develops into something the greater. I hope you not against it? …. I to send to you the most passionate kiss. And to wish you successful day.
Natalia in love with you…

* * * * *

Hello prince from my dream Edward. I am very glad that we could with you to speak on the phone. For me it is first time to call in other country. If it is honour, I did not expect, that I shall speak with you. I love your vote he sounds very beautifully. I shall call to you again on Tuesday in the evening. Well? I am very glad that you want to help me with arrival to you. I can to arrive to you even in a week because I already was abroad and I shall not have a problem with the visa. But I yet have no money. Many thanks that you want to help me with arrival in you. But I do not know whether to accept your help. I do not want to offend you. Simply my girlfriend told to me much about Russian scammers who steals money from foreigners. Therefore I do not want to be similar to them and I want to earn money myself for arrival to you even if it will occupy a lot of time because I very much respect you and I do not want that you worried. But if you will send to me it I only I shall be glad because they will carry out our meeting. Today I found out cost of tickets in your country. It costs hardly more than 500 dollars. Is it a problem for you?
As in each of days last weeks I am constant to think of you. I am simple may not more think of anything. ……..You also are my happiness. …….I want, that you always were near to me!!! I can not contain in words all that I feel.
When it is hard – I recollect you, and it seems that I can will cope with all. I very much love you. My kisses and embraces. You’re Natalia.

* * * * *

Hello my fine king Edward. I was happy to read your letter. It to please me as the small girl. Your letters it is a lot of for me mean also I very much I like them to receive. Today I was in bank. Unfortunately I could not make the bank account. This process will occupy about one week. But I have found out good news. Our city has the western unions. ………. To receive your money with the purpose of safety I should have any 10 figures. It is MTCN. Cost of tickets is 635 dollars. Therefore will be enough if you will send to me about 500$. Well? As soon as I shall receive money I shall buy tickets and to move to Moscow. ……………………. I to want to engage with you love. I for a long time to not be engaged in love with anybody and to want to give you all that in me have collected. We shall be happy only together. I to know, that we with you to be together fast, my love. When I to think of you my heart come to life, I wait yours kiss, your love, your touches. You my destiny, my life. Know, that I wait only for you and your love. I to want to be with you. Natalia madly in love with you.

* * * * *

Hi my love.
I just from work. Many thanks for a sending to me of money. Now I shall go in
bank. As soon as I shall receive money I shall write to you the detailed letter. Well? Yours Natalia…

* * * * *

Hello my love Edward. ………. I have received your money. It to be at me in hands. Today I have collected all documents and my necessary things and have left my work. Tomorrow Friday and I shall leave for Moscow to have interview For my visa. My train will leave in morning and I have decided to write to you this letter. You became for me the native man. You the man, which I want in the life. I think, that our meeting will help us to learn each other as it is possible better. Edward I shall write to you the new letter as soon as I shall find out in Moscow the Internet of cafe I at once I shall write to you the letter and I shall inform you. I very much love you Edward. I wish to you successful day. Your bride. Natalia.

* * * * *

Greetings my love Edward.
I am very glad to speak by with you to phone. It to do me it is very close to
you. I shall call to you again soon. ……………I have arrived to Moscow the day before yesterday. Now I live in hotel. Excuse that I write to you just now. But the Internet of cafe has been closed before. Tomorrow I shall go in embassy for end of manufacturing of my visa. Then I shall go to buy tickets.
I shall inform to you details tomorrow. Well? I today think of you about me and about us much. When we shall be together? That we shall do in our
free time. I know that we shall never miss when we shall be together. We shall think out different entertainments and games. Including sexual. …….. Then we to accept together bathing and to be engaged in love. …… Know that I to love you and you are constant on mine opinion.\ Successful to you of day.
My passionate kisses and embraces. Your Natalia.

* * * * *

Hi my Edward.
I just from the airport.
I want to inform you of 2 news. One news will be good, Other news will be bad. I do not know from which news to begin? Well, I shall start with good news, because this most important!
I should tell, that soon day of our meeting. My visa will be ready on Wednesday. I was been told told, that all goes well and I shall receive my documents!!! I bought my tickets and now everything is all right!
But I should you tell, that On Wednesday I should bring 1500 dollars.I do not know what to do. The matter is that the embassy speaks, That I should be financially secure. I should have money with myself During stay in Spain. The Minimal sum of money which should be on me Makes 1500 dollars. It is bad news because I understand your situation of money now. It is very inconvenient for me to ask so many money to you but when I arrive to you I to return this money. I should bring only in it during flight. To me so it is sad now. I did not know as it to speak you… So it is a pity to me to ask you again money,
But I anyhow should you tell it. I am sure, that it will be the latest Step to our meeting. I love you more life and I do not know what do.
I with hope shall wait your the letter.
Only yours forever, Natalia.
(my question: do you go back home or do you take directly the flight to Spain?) Her answer here: ps No, I shall not be back home. I have already taken all necessary things.

* * * * *

Good day my love Edward.
I am glad to see your new letter. It let’s me feel your affinity and care. I very much regret that I bring to you many problems. I did not want it. Simply I very much love you and I want our meeting as soon as possible.
Thanks for the help to me. Now I shall take your papers and I shall go to embassy. Yes I have tickets. They are in embassy. They will have date of my departure after registration of my material ability to live at you. I shall try to take it from embassy and scan it. I shall send it as soon as I will made it. I understand your mistrust to me, in fact it is very big money.
Therefore I shall make all that you will tell. (yesterday I asked her to give me the Hotel phone number and address in Moscow); her answer: Today I shall find out the exact address of hotel where I temporarily live and its phone number. I love you and I dream of you. I want be with you to embrace you and to give you all tenderness and love. I know that soon we shall together. We like each other and should be together. I am sure that God will help us with it. At me all is normal. I feel well and your letters cheer up me and give pleasure and happiness. I love you. I wish you happiness. Your Natalia.

* * * * *

Big for the letter again.
I forgot to write to you about my visa. I shall remain with you within a month. For one day I should be material capable with 50 dollars. And for 30 days is 1500. I shall write to you as soon as I shall come from embassy.
Your bride Natalia

* * * * *

Hello my honey Edward.
………….. Excuse that has not written to you yesterday. I have come from embassy very much late. Therefore I write just now. I have found out all necessary information. Yes it is possible to confirm my material ability to live at you. But unfortunately in our country there are it is a lot of scammers which carry out a fake of any difficult documents. They have told to me that the last year the woman from Russia has stolen about one million dollars by means of forging of documents. Therefore I am told that I should to have cash for confirmation of my material ability to live at you. One more reason of it is the big sum of money. They are afraid that I can forever remain with you without manufacturing the visa of the bride.
I do not know what do. I very much want to arrive to you. Therefore I ask you that you have sent me of money. Do not worry about yours a material condition. As soon as I shall arrive to you I give back this money to you. It is very inconvenient for asking money from you. Excuse that I create to you many problems. But during our dialogue I have very much become attached to you and very much I want to be near you.
Yesterday I have found out the address of hotel where I live temporarily. Its Name is “Tourist”. Its address: Moscow, street. Agricultural (Selskohoziaystvennaya), 17/2 Its phone numbers are (495) 980 7391, 1877045, 181015. To communicate with me you should to ask to call Mochalova Natalia Petrovna from 34. If I shall not receive your call up before 6 pm Moscow time today, I shall call to you myself from the international telephone company. I much think and I dream of our future. I can not wait that day when we can meet each other. I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life. I want to inform you …. , that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me.
That I have shared with you the life. I love you my prince.
Your bride in Russia. Natalia

ps Tomorrow I shall receive copies of my passport and my tickets. I shall send it tomorrow to you.

* * * * *

My Eduard, I have just received your mail. Many thanks for a prompt reply to my letter. Now I shall go to bank to receive your money. Then at once I shall go to embassy. I shall write full details later.
Yours Natalia

* * * * *

Hello my love Eduard. How are you? I am indefinitely happy to receive your letter. I always feel a lot of pleasures and happiness inside my heart when I read your letter. They give me very much is warm and help to feel you during several minutes. I have received your money. Now they in embassy. They will establish date of my departure you. I shall necessarily inform it as soon as I shall know about it. Unfortunately I could not take away a copy of my documents and tickets. It will be soon ready. I very much miss on you. Thanks that you are at me.When I have met you I has changed. You have opened the new world for me, world of love. Now I rise in the morning with a smile on my person, because I know that not one. In this large world is The man, who thinks of me. I want to tell you a thank. With you I feel myself by the woman, which wants to be happy to love. I have lost the hope on happiness, seeing the rough Russian men. When I have met you you have given Me Hope for happiness. My love even the colleagues at work speak, that I have changed.
They speak, that I more often smile also my eyes burn by light of pleasure. I am very grateful to you for it. Eduard I am very happy, that you do not leave me and estimate our correspondence.
You the present man, which is not afraid of problems, which can care.
I am very happy, that you have chosen me and have given me chance to give you all love and tenderness. I think of you my love. Eduard I need in you in my life. My honey I shall finish this letter, I wish to you all best and good mood. I very much wait your answer and I send you the warm embraces. Love on always. Your bride. Natalia.

ps It is a pity that we did not speak with you in the evening. Excuse that did
not inform you that I was written in hotel not as my name. Not all employees know about me. I shall try to call to you again tomorrow again.

* * * * *

Hello my love.
I am in Kazan. I have just arrived from Moscow. I have run in the Internet of cafe that you did not worry about me. I feel well but I worry for my mum. I shall move to Cheboksary soon. I shall write to you the reciprocal letter as soon as I shall be there. My documents are made. My documents and your money are now in embassy. Therefore you should not worries about it. I shall write to you tomorrow. Yours Natalia. ps I very much miss you…

* * * * *

Hello my love Edward.
Excuse that I did not write to you but at me misfortune now. At my mum now at her intimate insufficiency and her it is very bad. She has received heart attack. She lays in city hospital at us. In hospital to us informed that very urgent operation is necessary for my mum that she has survived. But for this purpose it is necessary to carry mum to Moscow as only in Moscow there are doctors which perform this operation well. But it is very expensive operation which there are 2800 American dollars. In hospital have told that our state will pay only half of cost of operation. And we should pay other half.
We should pay 1400 American dollars. My dear Edward I do not know what to do.
Our family has no such big money. Could I to use money from embassies for the help to my mum? Edward it is very inconvenient for me to ask you about it but I do not know to whom more to address. I very much love my mum and I do not want to lose her. Edward please do not doubt of words which I write to you. I wrote to you only the truth. I wrote to you with all my heart. Today I scaned my passport that you did not doubt of me. I trust you and so I shall not worry if I shall send you my documents. (PS: she never sent me these documents!) I all time set to myself one question: why it happened with my mother? I think that the god sees her sufferings and helps her. On it I finish the letter. Now I shall go home and I shall a little have a sleep, I am very tired for these days. With the big love Natalia.

* * * * *

Hello Edward.
I read your letter and cried very much. I did not think that you will not allow me to use your money. But I very much worry for my mum. I shall not forgive to myself if she will die. Therefore I shall use your money for her operation without yours is conducted. I understand that I make very disgusting act. But I very much love my mum. Do not worry about your money. I shall send it to you back as soon as all will be normal. The daddy is going to take money from bank. It is very long process. I did not think that you will put your money above lives of my mum. I did not believe that you such person. I shall send back you all your money. Do not worry about it…

* * * * *

Eduard DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR MONEY, I SHALL SEND YOU BACK 2100 AMERICAN DOLLARS IN a WEEK. I really very much loved you. I cannot understand why you do not trust me after your and my sincere letters. I hope that your money will help for your life…

* * * * *

Eduard why you think that I have broken our love? In what I am guilty? Explain to me please. Operation of my mum has passed successfully. The insurance company will shortly give out the insurance. Therefore I shall send to you of money next week. First I shall send to you 1350 dollars, and I shall send other sum in two weeks.

* * * * *

I shall bring an action against you if you will do it. I did not think that you are such silly…Edward why you deceive me? I do not want that we were enemies with you. But you should understand that to me very bad now. You should not to worry about your money. Please be a little patient. Natalia

Oksana Shoshina(Cheboksary,Russia)

Oksana Shoshina(Cheboksary,Russia)


When this person was offered to have ticket(s) purchased from here, instead
of having money sent to Western Union, there were no further replies. name,
email, address information and two sample letters received:

Her letters:

Hi, my darling ______. I am happy, that have received from you the letter.
How you? How at you affairs ?
I so have understood, that we with you have precisely stopped to Turkey, and we shall continue there ours with you acquaintance.
I so wait for this moment and I wish to be closer with you. I dream of our meeting and already began sleep badly at night. I would like to embrace you, to kiss you and to hold you for hands. I want, that our meeting was the most unforgettable that we always remembered her and we would like to be together. I wish this moment and I dream of this .
I am very excited, I so did not worry even before examinations.

I have learned all how I can arrive to Turkey. To me have told such information, At the Russian airport, to me will give any document when I shall show to them tickets and ladies of 40 dollars for this document then I can fly. With themselves I should have 500 dollars, it Cash. This sum of cashes which should be at entry this country. But this money, I necessarily shall give you, when we shall meet you in Turkey. Cost of a charter flight of 380 dollars, there and back, they is cheaper, than one way. The airport of the Sheremetyevo in Moscow.
Cost of the ticket by train up to Moscow 1500 roubles, 60 dollars.
As Turkey, the country accessible to everything the special control there is not necessary, much easier to drive, than to you.
On what number to me to take the ticket? What will you tell?
If to book a ticket earlier that will be little bit cheaper.
It turns out, that I need 480 dollars to fly and have a rest with you. This sum includes also the ticket back into Russia. And more, it is necessary to show 500 dollars at the airport, it will mean, that I go not with empty hands and I have a sum on which I shall have a rest. When we shall meet you. That I shall necessarily give you these 500 dollars. It turns out only 980 dollars.
I with such impatience wait for our meeting and I dream of this constantly.
I already have ideas and imaginations as we shall spend time with you together. I want, that you have remained is happy with me, and you would like to be much closer to me.
I wait for your answer. With love, gently you I embrace also the whole. Your Oksana.
* * * * *

Hi, ____ How you? Is glad to receive from you the letter.
If it is fair, I did not expect from you the letter.
You know, that I wished to meet you, but you have not answered me my last letter. I spoke you, that I with pleasure would arrive to you, but I do not have money. Probably it is strange to you to read that at the girl in Russia, is not present mobile and she does not presume to arrive to herself
on the sea. Yes, it so. The medicine, at us, is paid too little. In other countries, it is much easier and easier.
You will act as the present gentleman if you will help me, I shall be grateful to you.
I very much dreamed of our meeting and when you started to ask to me questions, I have simply become puzzled. I certainly would not like to ask from you money, but I cannot arrive itself.
Well, if you have not changed the mind, I start to gather on the sly, I shall take only the most beautiful things. That it was pleasant to you.
In occasion of my holiday, I can take him at any moment, it is possible even right now. I will need to go, buy now tickets, up to Moscow and up to Odessa.
I think, that if you will send me 500 dollars to me will suffice if will not suffice I shall add, at me will be a few money when I shall go to holiday.
Still, I would like to buy to myself a beautiful bathing suit. In a bathing suit, what color, you would like to see me??? Everything, only for you!
I know only one fast way to receive money, I spoke you, to me this information gave in agency. To me have told, that I without any problems, I can receive from you money.
I already dream of how we with you shall have a rest.
To me have told in agency, that so I can receive from you money. You should me send by mail, any 10 figures, I on them can receive this sum.
As soon as I shall receive, at once I shall go to write the application on work, on holiday, and I shall go to order tickets. Number I shall tell to you at once as soon as I shall order.
Here this address.
Oksana Shoshina.
Do not think, that I wish you to deceive, I only very much wish to meet you
personally and to be with you weigh holiday.
I wait from you for the answer. The whole. Oksana.

Manykova Ekaterina aka Knaeva Ludmila (Mari El, Russia)

Manykova Ekaterina aka Knaeva Ludmila (Mari El, Russia)


E-mail: beautyrose@list.ru

Hi my Philip. I read your letter and try to understand each of your words. I do not want to miss nor one your word. So me necessary to look some word in dictionary. I am spend much time in cafe internet, but I radium to do this. I much it is important to be aware of you. I interesting as you live and know all that with you happen. I shall also tell about itself. I think that I did not speak you, but I live with my parent. They already old. I much love them. We always find the rapport.

The Ma on pensions already and pope still works in collective farm, in village here. I think that you know collective farm – as farm beside you. He is a tractor driver. Well that in farmhouses not it is necessary to pay much money for public facilities. I think that we came short it is enough money to pay for all types of the public utilities. I earn much little in contrast with salary charge, which get the people in city. I get only 2800 roubles. This has considered and this even less than 100 dollars. Well that us necessary to pay only for used water and for natural gas, which is heated house. I should like to tell you more. Ask me about than-or. I also have several questions for you. I hope that you will not obstruct to answer my questions. What you want to have your future wife?

Write me little. You have chose between woman who has a money and quarry. Or that, which can do all on house. She will die well to prepare, wipe, wants the child and take care of child, but she will not die to earn much money :). I today had an interest and watched all telephones which will sell in our city and can you to say that the most cheap telephones cost(stand) 100-120 dollars, for my salary this dearly and here is so I want to ask beside you , but how much cost beside you telephones can be much better and you will more cheaply if you bathe and send me on my address. I shall much wait the answer to my question. my full name – I – Manykova Ekaterina. You have said that want to send me letter in mail. I must be lucky to get the letter on paper from You. I certainly can give You its address, but I not determined that your letter is reached me. You know that I easy money in village only and postmans seldom bring the package and letter. I think that to be a best idea if I must write the address its aunt. She lives in city Zvenigovo, and I determined that its letter for I must reach her. I must be capable to get your letter after she will become. You know that I shall arrive in Zvenigovo nearly each day to write You and I can sometimes fall into guests her. I give You her address: Russia The City Zvenigovo, street Komsomolskaya 6, Apartment 50. THE POST-CODE 425000 And her full name Knaeva Ludmila.
And my address: Russia The Republican House Mari El Village Bolshaya Sosnovka 26, POST-CODE 425072 And now I think that You know its full name: Manykova Ekaterina Certainly you can not find my city on card since our city very young and him on card else no. I much liked the photography your cousin she very sweetie girl, I much wanted to get acquainted with her, I hope that soon we shall be able with her to get acquainted. I much want really to know you better and look at you each day, I feel that you really exactly that person near by which I shall feel itself persisting woman. I shall very pleased if we with you shall walk on all places of your city, I this shall much love. I shall wait your answer. Say me also about that, what meal you love. Tell about your loved guard;keep and say as his prepare. I shall wait your new letter and answer to my questions. Your good girlfriend Katya

* * * * *

My love Philip I want to write to you that that I really with all my heart love you and I want to be only with you, I cannot understand why you do not believe me? And still I want to write you that that for me to lives the most important love with my favourite person that is with you, for me that is very important that I and you were happy for all our life. For me at all have no value of money as you think, for me money this-anything in comparison with my love to you, I do not want to prove more to you that that I love you
really and that that for me really is very important to be near to you, I already many times spoke it to you but you do not want to understand me. I trust you and to me is not clear why you cannot as to trust me. You write to me that I have taken money in a duty from somebody, I once again want to write you that that so much money to receive from us here should work we the smallest 4 months with a condition of that that money will not be spent on what, well and how you think who can give me so much money? I here precisely know that so much anybody will not give money to me, as at all the life and everyone try only for themselves, and I precisely know that that anybody and even anybody does not have such money. I do not know as still to you to explain that that I you very strongly I love, you do not trust me, and to me to become very bad from it. I want to be with you and to love only you. Yours Ekaterina

* * * * *

Dear Philip. I am happy that you have written to me such good letters I thank the god for that that I have you, I do not present my life without you. I as well as all of you feel it also I is happy at me on eyes even there are tears of pleasure, I am grateful to all on light for that that I such happy on light, I want to write to you that that you the most dear person for me and that that I very much want to live only with you and to be all I wash a life with you. I thought of you. So I wanted to write to you again. The truth – I think of you every day. Never probably I spoke you, that it before So badly does so now. There is no day, pass, I do not think of you. I think of you every day. I grieve without you, and I am a pity to me, that now not with you, but I very much hope for that that we can to be very soon together. You ask phone of agency me I want to inform you that that I asked them also they to me have told that that they cannot accept bells from other country, they only can accept bells from Russia, I in fact wrote to you that at us city very small and that that here is valid even all people know each other. And I to you can ask them and write to you once again all about the visa, I can in fact make the visa at me only there is no money, I should pay this money and they to me will make the visa. And then we can already be together. I very much want to visit you, you do not represent even it as strongly I want to be with you and to visit you, whether and as I cannot answer still your question on that I shall stay with you as I yet did not meet you, but it seems to me that I necessarily shall want to remain near to such good person as you. Whether you ask me about that I wish to have phone and a computer of a house, I would be certainly very glad if at me phone and a computer but if you wish me to send money for phone and a computer I was shall be very glad to write to you from a house, it would be much easier for me, I write to you it as I do not know when we can be together, in fact I do not have money to arrive to you, if at me were money I could arrive to you though tomorrow, I very much want it, whether as I want at you to ask really you want to be with me and if it so that when we can be together? I as already wrote to you I the visa and to it to me should make is necessary to pay money. I should use not a cellular telephone, and domestic to have a computer of a house, at us to lead a home telephone number 287 dollars are required and I at all do not know how many there is a computer but if you really want that that I had a computer of a house I can learn how many there is a computer. I shall wait for your letter, write to me all that you think of that that I have written to you. Yours Ekaterina

* * * * *

My dear Philip I am happy from that that I have you. When I receive from you letters to me to become very well, and I understand that even more that you for me mean also that much that I only with you want to be, it is very pleasant for me to receive from you letters, I with the big pleasure read all your letters and I on my person always have a smile and when I look at your photo to me even more it becomes good, you cannot present yourself at all that as I am happy. I really very much want to be with you and to lead the most remarkable time only with you. I wait for this day with impatience. I yesterday talked to mine mum about that that to me you very dear person and she is very glad for me, to my parents the most important that that I was happy, and they liked you when I have shown them your photo they have told to me that that you at once are visible very good person and that that they would be glad for that that I shall leave to you. I am very glad for that that my mum and the daddy understand me and want only the biggest happiness for me. You write me that that you are afraid to lose me, but I do not understand you, why? I in fact am valid with all my heart I want to be only with you and more nobody is necessary for me except for you. And I would be really very glad if we could speak by with you to phone, I really very much would like to hear your pleasant voice and for me very important that that you have heard me, but I cannot make it as I already wrote about that much that we in village do not have phone and that to lead him are necessary money and in our village anybody yet has not written the application to have phone, but I would be very glad to write the application for phone and that that we could talk to you every day. I very much want that you have helped me with phone. You ask me about that that western union there is in my city I once again want to write to you that that you not should specify the address there only my name and a surname is necessary, to me it the manager has told, I really very much want to have phone and to prove to you that that I want to have serious attitudes with you. I very much miss your letters, write to me. I shall wait for your letter and I hope for that that you will help me already very soon and we can hear already each other by phone. Yours Ekaterina

Irina Timoshenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

Irina Timoshenko (Odessa, Ukraine)


E-mails: irochka30t@heartafire.com, director@heartafire.com, odessairina@mail.ru, irinalihan@yahoo.com
I am writting to tell my story about Irina Timoshenko of odessa ukraine her e-mails she uses are irochka30t@heartafire.com, director@heartafire.com, odessairina@mail.ru and irinalihan@yahoo.com phone + 38 048 777 54 62 and address is 6/9 Nekrasova Str. odessa, ukraine 65026 also have attached photos for you to place on your site.

I was taken in by the scam by Heartafire and Ira.
Also know as Irina or Irochka. This scam involved translation fees, internet expenses and gifts while in Ukraine. I corresponded for almost two year with Ira. I did check over the internet to see if this was a scam six to nine months ago. I confronted the agency but the director denied all allegations. I wanted to do some follow-up research on the agency.
So, I asked for names of people to contact for references from Heartafire. They provided four names initially and one a few weeks before my departure to Odessa, Ukraine. I got positive e-mails back from four people and no response back for the fifth person. I would seem that all this was research was to no avail for my trip.

I meet Ira at the airport and was picked up with the agencies VIP service. It is just another way to get some money for people who make the trip to Odessa. We then went to an expensive restaurant along with the interpreter for the agency, Larissa (sp). I knew after about two hours that this was going to be a long five days in Odessa. Ira informed me that she would not be able to meet until late the next evening after five o’clock. She was working at the port (customs sections) until her test to become an official custom officer. I doubt the whole situation know looking back on the week. We then go to the seaside that evening with her friend Vonna (sp) and get back late that night. I am informed that they can not meet the next day which is Friday. So, I am own my own in Odessa checking out the sites around the apartment. Saturday Ira,Valintina and Alihan (Ira’s son) want to go to the beach for the day. So, yet another expensive day with the taxis, food at the beach drinks, and then we all go to an expensive restaurant after the beach for barbeque type food. The girls then want to stop at an giant mall which has a market inside to go shopping. So, Alihan is skating while the girls are shopping in the mall and looking at shoes. They are trying on sandals for awhile and finally ask if it would be ok for me to buy as presents. I picked up the tab for the shoes since they were not real expensive. Then Ira and Valintina start shopping getting a lot of higher priced item like lotion, makeup and hair coloring. I was getting very curious about this whole situation with the shopping. We were about fifteen miles from downtown Odessa and there was now way to get back on my own to the apartment. We get to the checkout lane and Valintina want me to pay for all the items. I was hesitant but then thinking about getting back to the apartment on my own, just went ahead and paid for the items. I pretty much new it was all a scam at this point. On Sunday the girls came by to give me some information on tours around Odessa. I had a headache and was not feeling all that well and did not go on the tour. We went out to lunch at a midrange restaurant and then to a mall/grocery store near the apartment. I was again asked to give Ira some money for a sweater or shirt. I refused this time since it was an easy walk to the apartment. I did not see Ira the next day which was Monday but she did ride with me to the airport. So, my conclusion is that there are less than 5 percent of the people who use the agency that actually find a partner. The people or names that the agency sends you for reference are probably also part of the whole scam. In that case you are looking at zero percent of people finding a partner! The other clients are pretty much all scammed the agency, girl or both on their trips. You will get charged for the hotel, taxi, interpreter, internet expenses, phone calls and other items. You are not going to find much in Ukraine but a lot of heartache! Save your money and use some agencies in the United States or your country. I hope this helps you in some small way not to go to Ukraine or some other country looking for love. By the way looked on Heartafire site today and Ira is back out there looking for another victim!!!!!
also the agency is a scammer agency they need to be added to your list www.heartafire.com

thanks don

Her letters:

Thanks for your reply to my ad. I’d like to know you better. Let’s talk and see where the destiny brings us. I’m glad we look for the same, as I came here with the serious purpose to find good person to build family with. It’s difficult to write about yourself to someone you don’t know, but I’ll try. I live in a beautiful city of Odessa in Ukraine. I think that I’m very kind, calm, feminine and tender woman. At the same time I’m strong and self-confident. I’m passionate and committed to my man. I was married and got divorce 8 years ago. Now I live with my son, who is 10 years old and parents. My family is very important for me and my son is the joy of my life. I work in fashion shop and it takes most of my time. What I lack is my soul mate, with whom I’ll go through thick and thin, to share that special warmth people can give each other. I must say you that my English is poor and I use translation services. Is it ok? Tell me more about yourself: work, interests, family and goals. Tell me also something about your country. See some pictures and send some of yours too, please.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards, Ira

* * * * *

Hello ***,
Thanks for your nice letter and picture. How are you? I’m pleased to hear your complements. I also think that you are a good looking guy and a nice person. I hope that we will be able to build friendship here. I have the same dream to find special person to fall in love and build family with. Well, what more to say about myself. I live in a beautiful city of Odessa in Ukraine. I think that I’m very kind, calm, feminine and tender woman. At the same time I’m strong and self-confident. I was married and got divorce 8 years ago. Now I live with my son, who is 10 years old and parents. I’m the only child. My parents do a lot both for me and my son. My family is very important for me and my son is the joy of my life. I work in fashion shop and it takes most of my time. But when I have some free time, I like to go out, settle things at home, cook, watch a movie or read. What I lack is my soul mate, with whom I’ll go through thick and thin, to share that special warmth people can give each other. I’m caring and committed to my man and expect the same in return. I must say you that my English is poor and I use translation services. Is it ok? Tell me more about yourself: your family, work and interests. What city do you live in and what it’s like? Feel free to ask me any questions too. See some pictures of me. I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards, Ira

* * * * *

Hello ***,
Thanks for your letter and new photo. You look very ineresting and I’d call it manly. I like that in man. your complements make me feel very pleased. So, you tell you are picky or other people tell it about you. 🙂 I’m also quite picky, though I don’t look for perfect person, as I know that we all have some faults and those who say they don’t, just pretend. You know, though physical attraction is important it’s inner world what count after all. We stay with a person, not a picture. For me it’s very important to find the person, who has kind heart and generous personality. I mean that he would like to do for his partner as much as for himself. Well, let’s go to more practical things. I’d like to know more about your life. What are you interested in? What is your work? How hard it is? What do you like to do in your free time? What is your family? Have you been married or engaged before? What happened to your last relationship? You see I ask you many questions. It’s because I want to know more about you. I hope we will get to know each other better with every letter and it will help us to understand each other needs and desires.
Take care. I hope to hear from you soon.

* * * * *

Hello ***,
thanks for your new nice letter and picture. I also want to continue talking to you. I wish we could go for a date now, but it must wait, right. Maybe it’s also good, as when we finally meet we won’t be total strangers. I wonder what it will be like to look in each other eyes. Are you a good singer? 🙂 Today I have a day off and I visited my son in his sport camp. He went there earlier than we expected, as their couch gathered them now according to their desire. He already has a good tan. The camp is in the suburbs and I’m glad that he will ret there, as air is fresh there and it’s located close to the sea. Their couch is there for them. So, I don’t worry about Alihan. He told me that they run 2-3km every morning. The camp is located in the suburbs of Odessa in nice resort. When we returned in the city, heavy rain started and continued during 2 hours. You know, I don’t remember such a rainy season. I think that nobody expected rain today, because in the morning it was sunny.
I send you few more pictures. Have a nice weekend with my kiss. 🙂

* * * * *

Hello ***,
I also hope that we will continue our correspondence, as I like you a lot. I find you very interesting person and think we have a lot to talk about. You are wise and considerate man; I don’t want to hurt you either and don’t want to be hurt myself. I want to discuss one question with you according to our correspondence. You know, that I use translation services in the agency and due to it we can get to know each other. They provide with 5 letters free from both sides. Due to it we had the chance to know each other a bit. But this 5 letters are over soon and further correspondence have to be paid. Also i have to pay for scanning photos. Now i have little debt here, because of photos. It will be very hard for me to pay the services on my own. So, I’ll be thankful, if you consider to shoulder or share these expenses with me. Tell me your opinion. I look forward to your reply. Now have a wonderful day.
Yours, Ira

* * * * *

Hello ***,
I’m happy to get this wonderful letter from you. Your words sound like a music for my heart. 🙂 I enjoy your letters a lot and look forward to develop our relations. I believe we have met for a reason. Yes, are are far away from each other, but isn’t it said that love conquers all barriers. The more hardships we encounter, the more more chances we have to prove our care. What are your thoughts at this point? Thank you for desire to help with my account. It’s not good to send money through post. guess that the best way to send money is by Western Union. We have a lot of their offices here and I hear advertisement on TV that it’s the fastest and safest way. But I’m not sure. You can write to director of the agency and ask her for details. I look forward to your next sweet letter.
My kisses back to you, Ira

* * * * *

Hello ***,
My last name is Timoshenko. Here is the address: Timoshenko Irina, Nekrasova 6, apart 9, Odessa, Ukraine, 65026
Thanks for your understanding; I hope to keep in touch again.
Your Ira

Andrey Steletskiy Futures Agency

Andrey Steletskiy Futures Agency
(Donetsk, Ukraine)

I have previously reported this scam as Century 21 Translation firm, well they have a new name but same old scam. Now they are Futures same address in Lugansk Ukraine. The scam works as follows. You receive a letter on a dating site from a woman who looks like a model (because it is a model’s photo). The woman looks to good to be true and after about 3 letters you receive a letter from Futures a translation company working for this woman. They have a whole package of services to sell you and want the money transfered via Western Union or using the bank information contained in these letters.

I have some of the various photos they use of models they find on the Net.

Here are samples of the letters:

Letter 1

My heart nearly sipped a beat when I found your e-mail! I am very happy to hear from you again. David, naked photos??? I am a bit shy, but I promise to send after you do it first:-)
We have taken the first step in getting to know each other as close friends. I want to share everything with you.

I don’t get very disappointed or saddened by a lot of things, so it will be mostly happy moments I will share. That’s a good thing, right? This is where
you smile now! You are a very beautiful man dear! I can imagine looking into those beautiful eyes and telling you one day in person.

I want to share with you one more thing. You see, I do not know foreign languages at all. I know it sounds strange. Why then am I looking for a man abroad? But I think that I should try all ways to find my second half. That’s why I addressed for the help to the translational firm. They help me to translate and send you my letters.

At first I was skeptical about it, as it is difficult for me to trust my thoughts to the third person. But I met my friend the other day, and she told me that she used the services of the same translational firm and now she is married with a foreigner and came to visit her relatives here. You see, her eyes shied with happiness, and I decided to try my fate too. Do I deserve for the happiness too?
Welcome to my life. It would be wonderful if we’re born to to tell these words to each other. We have a chance to find out if we’re able to complete each other’s lives. I do believe our correspondence will help us with the matter.

I’ll appreciate if you’re so kind to tell me about yourself, spending your time, your life goals, ambitions. It would be nice of you to make it clear what kind of woman you’re searching for.

I will wait for your reply, Tanya.

Letter 2

You know I have noticed one strange thing I really miss your letters.
I am a kind of pragmatic person and if someone told me few days ago that I will miss a person I have never seen I would just laugh into his or her face… But now I really miss you and think of you a lot all my day long. David, I liked your personal photo:-) i am impressed! Hope you won’t be disappointed too:-)
I want to take walks with you and hold your hand. I want to attend movies together and enjoy concerts and festivals. Honey, I want to do everything with you.
If you could only imagine how I miss you and dream to see you!!! I would like to stay with you each second of your life!! Did you know that probably when I am with you I’ll spoil you:))) How? Well, early in the morning you’ll get a cup of hot tea or coffee just into the bed!! I’ll surround you with my attention and care!!! I’ll try to foresee all your wishes and dreams:)
Oh, but these are only dreams… I hate the distance that separates me from you, all the boundaries that make our meeting to be a sort of difficult thing. But if your feelings are at least half strong as mine I am sure that we will overcome all the difficulties, I am sure!
I still do want to know more about you. What was your last dream you have seen in the night? What was the last book you have read? If you were an animal who would you be?
Perhaps my questions are a bit unusual but I do not like doing usual things at all as it makes our life colorless. Besides that while answering unusual questions one thinks a lot and sometimes even founds out something new in himself:)
I do hope that you enjoy communicating with me and look forward to receiving more beautiful and interesting letters from you and some pictures. With warm feelings.


Letter 3

we help people to overcome all barriers

Dear Mr. x.

Unfortunately, Tanya can’t reply to your letter because her account with our firm is over. As you know, she used services of Internet and translator. She is very upset of this fact of impossibility to correspond with you but she is very interested in you as well. If you’re interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment.

Sincerely Yours
Principal “Futures”
Alla Mazur

Letter 4

Dear Sir

You can send payment to our manager Andrey Steletskiy as soon as Tanya
doesn’t have Bank account. That’s why you can use the bank account of our manager.
Information of Bank account:

ACCOUNT: LUG-26259549129312 USD

NAME: Andrey Steletskiy

2-A Universitetskaya

New York,USA


10015,POB 318,U.S.A

SWIFT code: BKTR US 33


But please, warn us the sum and the date of making the transfer.

Cordially Yours
Principal “Futures”
Alla Mazur