First of all, if you go on any popular match making sites with real results, you get an idea of what kind of people are really on these sites in your area. The results for BeNaughty dating give me the feeling that they are not real, and more than likely just copied from other matchmaking sites . Listen, I know that chances are I am not going to find my future wife on a dating site. In fact, most of my time is just spent browsing anyway. But if they are not even real people, it is such a waste of time and makes me feel even more pathetic than I did signing up in the first place.

From now on I am sticking to more reputable matchmaking sites where at least I know there are a lot of real people out there. I can see how it would be hard to start up a dating site and get enough people there for it to become popular, but misleading people with fake profiles is dishonest and a little bit insulting to my intelligence. Even the “success stories” all sound like they were written by the same person. Shame on all sites like this. And yes, there are plenty of other sites full of fake users like this, so beware!

I know this isn’t ideal for Be Naughty reviews, but sometimes you need to call em as you see them. If you’re looking for the truly casual sex route, your best best is one of two options. You can go the sugar daddy route (which you are essentially taking care of a girl in exchange for sex and companionship). Think of it is as escort lite. The best one out there in this space is