There seems to be this theme of promising casual sex, getting your to join, then never delivery. This is the Amateur Match scam to avoid.   Truth be told, I was just really lonely, bored, and fed up with real-life dating. All the mixed signals you get on real dates are confusing and annoying anyways right. At least if you started with virtual dating both you and the person you are talking to can set things straight right away. You can tell the other person early on that what you fancy is a romantic relationship, casual dating or a one-night stand.

It is not only an Amateur Match scam, but it should also be very obvious that the members are not real members but instead “professionals” who make a living in the adult industry. Common sense would indicate that a real woman who has a real interest in meeting other people in her area would not post such revealing pictures, leaving nothing to the imagination, and she would not also take such trouble to make her photographs look very professional, flawless and colorful.  You notice there everywhere it seems, but a lot on Amateur Match. Wrote:
this site should be called Scamateurmatch. Every woman I chatted with is either a cam girl, bot, or a money scammer.