is a dating site that caters to men who are looking for real Columbian and Mexican women. AmoLatina goes off of a credit system. Like any site that goes off of credits, you need to be careful. You can be spending a TON of money very quickly

In fact, their page state” ” Our correspondence system works on a letter-per-credits basis. Each letter you send or open from the women costs ten credits.” This means for every email you SEND or RECEIVE, it will cost you 10 CREDITS. That’s insanely high. So, how much is a credit you ask? Every 10 credits will cost you 8 bucks.. That’s utterly ridiculous. To me, that’s a huge AmoLatina scam.Let’s continue with the AmoLatina review.

Many people question of the women on the site are even real, better known as bots. Something just doesn’t feel right about this site, for me at least.