What is worse than having to put up with a scam dating site? Having to put up with a clone of a scam-dating site! After hopping on to Fling.com and starting the registration process to take this ‘contender’ through its paces, we soon realized that we had found yet another prize heavyweight champion. This one however, is like the bride of Frankenstein, as it is a website that aims to deliver you lots of hot and exotic adult dating opportunities that range from fetish encounters all the way to group fun. The world of the Fling.com scam

The reality is, is that Fling.com is just another retired porn site that is simply cashing in one the adult dating gold mine. From our first glimpse at the home page, we knew exactly what the site was about – and with curbed enthusiasm, we went about registering. After all, with thousands of hot girls willing to do absolutely anything – we couldn’t resist!

Sadly, we are just kidding. After running a quick test that made the Fling.com website think we lived in Saudi Arabia, we soon discovered that it really was too good to be true! Just like Adult FriendFinder, ALT.com and MeetLocals.com to name but a few, Fling is another dating site that generates fake profiles just to attract members. From the start it is a scam and while there are lots of adults ‘looking for sex’ online, the fact is that the only ones on Fling.com are the poor pundits that have been taken in by the Fling scam.

Built for a Fling – From the Ground Up

Prying on the needs of men, Fling.com aims to target our weaknesses with lots of super-hot pictures before we have done anything. If you want to feel like a super-hot stud no matter how ugly you are, then perhaps Fling is the website for you. The only problem being that the $3.95 trial converts to a monthly subscription. The people running the Fling scam know exactly what is going on, and that too many people these days will cave in and give $3.95 for the chance to find their ‘fling’.

This is the foundation of the scam at Fling.com. It’s not easy to get $24.95 from a subscriber, but if you offer a three-day trial for just $3.95 – a lot of us will simply click OK and think that the worst is no messages, and the best is some real fun courtesy of Fling.com. However, after we ourselves registered, we soon noticed that the only real profiles on there were cyber escorts who would try get us onto MSN to start showing off their booty in exchange for credit card numbers.

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Here is some of the negative reviews we found on Fling.com

I just wanted to add that this company, should be banned from operating.

I also have had very similar experiences with Fling.com. I should have remembered the old adage “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is”

To make matters even worse, Google displays 1.5 million results for the term Fling.com scam!