Hot or Not was one of the first sites out that let you rank men and women, then compare them. Great simple, mindless concept. The problem with the site is, why would you bother paying? I mean, do you really think the profiles are for real? See, I think this is where the real Hot or Not scam is.

In the beginning, it use to be real people putting their pics up. Then daily, you would log on to see where you ranked. Then of course you’d gloat about it. Now with Facebook taking over the world, this service of Hot or Not just isn’t relevant. Save your money, or better yet, wait until they do something modern to the site to make is more 2015ish!

Then to go deeper into my Hot or Not review. I sent an email to the Support team. The answer that I got was simple and lame, in my opinion, as they said is not their problem if those numbers were no good and they are not responsible for the information on every person’s profile. So yea, Hot or Not scam