As perhaps one of the Internet’s most popular dating sites alongside, Initially, is seen as by hundreds of thousands of people as a hugely legitimate and most importantly, popular dating site. However, is it really? We decided to take a closer look and find out whether or not the rumors about an eHarmony Scam are true.

From the outset, if you head over to the eHarmony site, you will soon notice that they are not giving away much about themselves if you do not register an account. Other than the eHarmony advice blog which really is quite good, there’s no sneak peeks of profiles or pages filled with hundreds of member’s photos, and most importantly, for us – that’s a good thing as it means no fake profile scams going on (from the outset at least.)

Registration – if only it were that simple. At eHarmony, you are asked to fill in a membership questionnaire, which really will take an age, and really, it felt more like one of those marketing surveys than an actual dating site registration! Perhaps, it is…

Nevertheless, we found it considerably hard work, and once we had finally filled in our details and received our ‘free relationship profile (apparently worth $30)’ we are not actually sure that all they helped in the slightest.

23 Pages of Questions!

The eHarmony experience certainly started well, but after filling in those 23 pages of questions, we were given the usual eHarmony scam of subscribing and saving 67%. It would seem that eHarmony is just as bad as the rest, because subscriptions are on the usual auto-bill and after we checked things out, this eHarmony is well known for taking your money and not giving you ANY of it back. In fact – their support staff are so switched on to this scam that they’ll tell from memory exactly how many times you were given the chance to turn re-bill off.

With what must be a multi multi million dollar advertising campaign, eHarmony boasts over 40 million members, but after submitting our profile, we had just seven possible matches. From a quick look after registering (browse for free but no photos) we soon realized that either the people we were looking at had all died of boredom thanks to the 23 page questionnaire, or they were simply fake profiles designed to keep us interested until we finally parted with some cash.

Overall, with a monthly membership of $59.95 we were shocked to find out that this site has been taking so much from members. eHarmony might boast that they are the world’s most successful dating site, but the truth is, with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and affiliate programs that mean almost every review you read is a good one, it is pretty hard to see the eHarmony scam unless you really look for it.

eHarmony Scam – what is it?

With one of the Internet’s largest affiliate programs and millions to spend in online advertising, many people are signing up to eHarmony hoping that it really will ‘work’ for them. The reality is that despite a rather daunting list of questions, the most you will see from eHarmony is a lot of spam in the way of incomplete profiles, Nigerian fraudsters and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to cancel during the 3-day trial period that is quietly hidden in the terms & conditions.

eHarmony might be one of the more reputable dating sites out there, but the main reason isn’t due to them being a quality service, but simply because of their size. Look beneath the surface and it’s filled with all the same devious tricks that have made online dating nothing but a maze or if your unlucky, a minefield. Do a search in google and see that there is over 700k results for eHarmony scam.