Every time we hear about a new dating site, we’re always keen to give it a try, but after experiencing much of the underhandedness that goes on in the industry – we have to admit, often we neglect the opportunity realizing that most dating sites are unfortunately scams.  Not playing the pessimist today, we felt compelled to take a look at GetItOn and to find out more about this adult dating website. Welcome to the Getiton scam.

GetItOn is nothing new. From the outset, the website looks like another clone of AdultFriendFinder and similar dating sites that cater to more casual encounters. Once again, we are presented with a smattering of profile pictures, which really do look too good to be true.  Sadly, after checking it through our proxy server that is located in a distinctly ethnic country, we soon realized that GetItOn really were ‘getting it on’ with the scam.

We Got it On with Fake Profiles!

After registering, the profiles seemed to disappear and we were finally presented with some realistic looking profiles, but that involved finding a way to skip the apparently mandatory credit card payment form. We then were given a list of matches, which for the most part, were totally irrelevant.

Not a site for those looking to build a long-term relationship, GetItOn is filled with escorts, and those looking for what can only be described as ‘adult fun’. It’s clear that this site is poorly policed, and while most of the profiles looked genuine, after we were finally into the members only side of things, we couldn’t help but thinking that a few were fakes. We have only been registered for a few minutes, but having a message already from quite a few women seems just too good to be true.

Looking closer, we soon discovered a disturbing secret. GetItOn is actually run by the same company that runs the FriendFinder network of dating sites. GetitOn scam! We knew those fake profile pictures looked familiar! After checking their disclaimer that was filled with references to FFN, we ran a quick check and found the domain to be owned by a third party holding company. Knowing that, we soon realized that this was either a white-label affiliate site or a site that is wholly owned by FriendFinder themselves.

Another FriendFinder Scam Site…

Either way, this affiliation did not help us reach our conclusion, because we did discover plenty of scams and cheats on GetItOn. Indeed, we found it hard not to laugh at the ‘Get Laid Guarantee’ that appeared so prominently on the post-registration payment form. However, after skipping payment, we could not find it mentioned anywhere else.

Ultimately, the GetItOn scam is traditional of FriendFinder Networks. Honestly, if you are looking for a genuine relationship through online dating, you will be hard pressed to find it here, or on any website that is even remotely related to anything FriendFinder.