On the front page of the Jump4Love website it states very clearly that it is an “International Marriage Agency”. However, take a look at their terms and conditions and they say the opposite. “Jump4love.com is a communication website for men from all over the world and women from Ukraine and Russia. We ARE NOT A MARRIAGE AGENCY and do not offer any matrimonial services. We charge users for utilizing online communication facilities. Jump4love has no personal relations with the women on the site. ‘We DO NOT VOUCH for the ladies’ conduct as well as we cannot guarantee that all ladies are genuine.” At the very least, this is misleading, but I would argue that it is a deliberate attempt to avoid any responsibility if things go wrong.

Take a look on YouTube and you will see videos of girls with the statement “no fake, real ladies only”. Now read their terms again….” We DO NOT VOUCH for the ladies’ conduct as well as we cannot guarantee that all ladies are genuine”. Does anyone notice a pattern emerging? In ‘marketing terms’, Jump4Love claim to be a marriage agency and also that they do not to have fake girls or profiles. However in their terms and conditions, they attempt to distance themselves from such statements. This should serve as a warning to anyone that considers using their services.

However, from a legal perspective, no matter what their terms state, Jump4Love cannot claim to have no responsibility. Your contract is with Jump4Love, not with the local ‘marriage agencies’ they use to recruit girls. It is Jump4Love that determines the criteria used for their local agents and it is Jump4Love that determines security checks, proof of identity, monitoring and so on. The local marriage agencies only act as an agent for jump4Love. If the local marriage agency commits an act of deception, then it is between the marriage agency and Jump4Love, it has nothing to do with the man buying credits from Jump4Love. The bottom line is; if you have corresponding with a girl that is using a fake identity, you are entitled to claim a full refund from Jump4Love. In addition, in some countries, if you have bought your ‘credits’ using a credit card, then the credit card company is jointly and severally liable in the event you have a legitimate claim.

I know from personal experience that it is not difficult for girls to set up fake profiles on Jump4Love, indeed, some girls will “work” 3, 4 or maybe even 5 profiles…sending letters to countless men knowing that they will share in the revenues generated if a man is stupid enough to engage them. Jump4Love give the impression that girls can only be added if they show themselves on camera alongside their passport. This may be done is some instances, but I know for a fact, that it is not done in every case. In addition, what Jump4Love do not tell you, is that a lot of girls become disillusioned and leave, but…these girls can’t delete their profiles. Only the local marriage agency or Jump4Love can delete profiles. So what Jump4Love will not tell you, is they can’t be certain that the profiles of girls that have left are immediately deleted. What Jump4Love will not tell you, is that if the local marriage agency decides not to delete the profile and instead, give it to another girl, then Jump4Love will never know unless it is reported to them. Why? Because even though Jump4Love have some of the weakest systems for verifying the identities of new girls recruited to their site, their ongoing checks are even worse…in fact, I would say they are virtually non-existent. Jump4Love is not proactive in attempting to weed out those using fake profiles.

Jump4Love will brag about their security measures which are supposed to offer “clients” some comfort provided they communicate through the site, but the reality is, these security measures are limited to key words…and this is more about protecting their revenue streams than the interests of their clients. Ask Jump4Love to tell you how their security measures proactively protect you and it is likely to be a very short answer. Some other dating sites employ a proactive programme designed to weed out ‘fakes’, including, but not limited to asking girls about specific conversations they had with men, asking them to turn on their webcam immediately and searching social networking sites to check the veracity of statements made by the girls they feature on their sites.

It is fair to say that men can be scammed by girls for money and most websites can monitor this through keyword searches offering a small degree of protection, however, most men are now getting wise to these particular scams. The reality is…and what the ‘dating websites’ will not tell you, is that men lose considerably more money when they discover (and many never do) that the girls they are communicating with are doing so only because they are being paid to do so…and/or they girls they are communicating with are fakes!

However, in spite of everything I have written, in my particular case, even when Jump4Love admitted that I had been the victim of fraud and agreed to refund my money, it was not that simple. Having agreed to refund over $17,000 11 months ago, I have only received around 65%. At first they said that they could only refund the money once they had recovered it from the director of the local marriage agency, then they agreed that this was not the arrangement. Then they said they could only send small amounts because they had to verify each transaction with the credit card merchant they were using (11 months?) Then they started to plead poverty, claiming that they must first earn the money before they can return it to me. Then in October, they stopped paying. I wrote to them and they said they would only pay the balance if I agreed to pass over the password and control of this website. I told them that I would not submit to blackmail and refused. They subsequently said that they would be happy to continue the refunds if I acknowledged this on this blog…I informed them that it was always my intention to do precisely that.

In November, Jump4Love claimed to have sent me a little over $4800. When I checked with my credit card companies, they said they had received no such money. Jump4Love insisted that the refunds had been processed and when I asked for proof…I heard nothing more. So…on top of everything else, I can now confirm that Jump4Love are liars and guilty of a deception. I can also confirm that I will be issuing proceedings against them and my credit card company in the New Year. I will be writing more about this in a separate post.