I have joined the matchmaking website Jdate.com with lot of expectations. I know a lot of other people online might be joining with the same type of expectations. So I want to share my thoughts with others, so that others will be careful when joining JDate.

As per my experience, I would say this site is not up to standard. I haven’t found any good match from this site. I tried continuously for three months, but I got very few matches for this site. Even my friend had the same type of concerns about JDate. According to him this website is simply a JDate Scam. I think that there are actually no active members on this site. Whenever I came across someone I thought would be good for me, I tried contacting them by sending an email, but I got no replies or response.

The website owners are claiming that millions of profiles are registered with them and people are seeking relationships. But I think that most of the ‘real’ profiles are scammers. Scammers are registering as both male and female profiles. Scammers are also using good looking photos for their profiles to trap people like me.

Apart from these scammers, I find so many profiles with no proper information. And there is no good tool to search for a matching partner’s profile to find a good match. And I think this website is bit expensive too. I found many other comparable websites that are cheaper than this. I would say the website owners have to take some action to get good profiles to be registered. They could even do something simple like implement a new search tool so registered members’ profiles can be shared easier with other registered members. Above all, they need to get rid of the jDate scam artists.