At the beginning of the year I wrote to Jump4Love once I had discovered that I had been the victim of a deception orchestrated via their website. In my particular case, I had been communicating with a girl called “Kristina Smirnova” for a period of 9 months. However, after having my suspicions raised, I discovered that Kristina Smirnova did not exist and she was, in fact a girl called Natalia Granchenko. My investigations concluded that Natalia Granchenko had been allowed to set up a fake profile by her Agency Director, Margarita Naumenko to facilitate this deception. As I understand it, this was common practice with Naumenko. At the time of writing to Jump4Love, I had spent in excess of $25,000 for web chats and letters with this girl and, perhaps foolishly, I had sent Natalia Granchenko some $4102 through Western Union. I can confirm however, that Natalia Granchenko has now repaid me the full $4102.

Jump4Love promised to investigate and eventually responded to me via email. They confirmed that I had indeed been the victim of a serious fraud and deception. They said that they had removed the offending profiles. They also informed me that they had calculated I had spent $17,250 communicating with this girl and said they would be providing me with a full refund. Jump4Love also said they would be terminating Margarita Naumenko’s agency agreement and removing all of the girls associated with her. In fact, it was to take several months…and only with my help, that they finally removed most of the girls that were associated with Margarita Naumenko. However, I know for a fact that some of these girls, many scammers amongst them, simply moved to other agencies and set up new profiles with Jump4Love. Of course, Jump4Love claimed this could not happen…but it did and they only reacted when I reported a specific case…and eventually I got bored of being their policeman! Anyway, I digress, back to why I call Jump4Love “Liars and Cheats”.

Following their written confirmation that I was entitled to a refund of $17,250, Jump4Love started to issue refunds in small amounts, mirroring payments I had made to them. However, these payments were sporadic and to be honest, I expected a full refund…not a ‘payment plan. When I queried this, at first they said they were paying me as and when they got the money from Margarita Naumenko. I told them that this was unacceptable, not least because any arrangement they had with Naumenko was a commercial one and nothing to do with my claim. I also made clear that at no point did they make clear that refunds were conditional. They wrote back and agreed that the refunds were not conditional, but instead, they were having problems reconciling the refunds with payments I made as a consequence of administration issues with their card processor. I accepted this argument and patiently waited for the money to be ‘drip fed’ into my credit card accounts. I have to admit I found this incredibly irritating, because attempting to reconcile these refunds was very time consuming.

In October of this year I noticed that I had not received any refunds from Jump4Love for several weeks, although this was not unusual, I was beginning to lose patience with Jump4Love for taking so long to refund the $17,250. They responded by informing me that the “CEO” was not happy with my blog and they would not process further refunds unless, or until I passed over the access passwords to this blog. I responded that I felt all the comments contained in this blog were fair, true and offered a “balanced” insight into my experience. I also made clear that I would never submit to any form of “blackmail”. They eventually responded stating that it was not their intention to blackmail me and acknowledging that I had been fair in my commentary on this blog. They also said that they would recommence the refunds immediately with view to refunding the balance owed within 6 weeks. They also asked that I acknowledge on this blog that they had taken responsibility an refunded my money, I replied that it was always my intention to highlight the fact that Jump4Love had refunded my payments because I wanted this blog to be an honest and fair account of my experiences. Jump4Love accepted this and over the following few weeks, informed me that refunds totalling in excess of $4823 had been made. [According to Jump4Love, this meant that they had met all their obligations in terms of the refunds. I was to later discover, after I competed an audit of the refunds, that this was a complete lie!]

When I checked with my card issuers, none of these payments had been received. I queried this with Jump4Love and they asked me for more information about my credit cards, I thought this was strange given all the information they needed to complete a refund is already there with the original payment, but I gave them what they asked for. When I heard nothing, I asked them to provide me with details of the refunds, including the transaction numbers so that I could get my card issuers to trace the refunds. I heard nothing further from jump4Love!

In conclusion, I believe I am fully justified in accusing Jump4Love of being liars and cheats, in fact, I would add to that and further accuse them of deception. They are liars because they claimed to have issued refunds when clearly they didn’t. They are cheats because they have attempted to cheat me out of money they themselves admit was taken from me through fraud. And, in my view, they are guilty of deception because they deceived me into believing that they were honourable people that would meet their obligations. If Jump4Love meet their obligations in the coming weeks, I will update this blog to reflect that, however, if they continue to ignore my communications, I declare publicly that I intend to issue civil proceedings against them for all of my losses, this includes the $25,000 that I spent with them directly (in the form of credits) as well as my losses incurred as a direct consequence of Jump4Love’s failure to adopt reasonable security measures to minimise the possibility of their clients being deceived through the connivance of dishonest agents and scammers using fake profiles. As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog, at the time I was using Jump4Love, their “security measures” were virtually non-existent, they performed no background checks on new agencies or their directors, they never audited their agents or affiliates and they operated a system that allowed fake profiles to be set up routinely and easily. In other words, in my opinion they were reckless and breached their legal duty of care. Even if it was not their intent, through their lack of any effective initial and ongoing security measures, Jump4Love were arguably complicit in facilitating the deception.

I am sure there are many other men that have been the victims of a suspected deception involving girls featured on the Jump4Love website. If you suspect this is the case, I invite you to write to me with as much information as possible. If you want to remain anonymous, that is okay, my intention is to identify a pattern amongst certain girls and/or agencies and then submit this with my own evidence to the appropriate authorities with a view to persuading them to investigate the activities of Jump4Love, their agents and the girls. Anyone wishing to join me in a civil action against Jump4Love to recover payments they believe have been made through an active deception is also welcome to contact me; however, you need to be aware that in any civil action, your name will have to be revealed as party to the claim.

Update: Jump4Love have contacted me and insisted that they had refunded the full $4823. When I checked my latest statements, I had received just $1158 of the $4823 and given it is more than 4 weeks since the last refund they claim to have processed, I think it is safe to conclude that it is not ‘stuck’ in the banking system. However, given their track record on refunds, I decided to audit all the refunds they claim to have made and, yet again, their was a massive difference between what they claimed to have sent and what I received. On the 20th October, they claimed they had refunded $12,402….but according to my audit, I had received just $6650….!!! An error, I don’t think so. Therefore, to conclude, after 11 months, I have received just $7808 of the $17,250 Jump4Love promised to refund. Just 45% of the total! I have sent a final demand to Jump4Love, and I will happily update this blog with the outcome.