In the first party of my story, I outlined my introduction to, and history with “Kristina Smirnova” and how this progresses for a period of 7 months using the Jump4Love dating site. I also touched on how I was to discover that the girl I had come to know as ‘Kristina Smirnova’ was in fact a fake. Behind the photos, was Natalia Granchenko, who had set up this false profile and kept this charade going for 7 months with the connivance and support of her local “Agency Director”, Margarita Naumenko.

So, following the revelation that “Kristina” had bumped in to a former boyfriend called “Dennis” on New Years Eve (and felt obliged to have sex with him), the meeting that we had planned for 7 weeks and had been fully paid for, had to be cancelled. Having followed hot on the heels of the cancellation of our November meeting, in very similar circumstances (a few days before the meeting and after I had paid for everything), I was finally convinced that something was wrong, very wrong. It was clear to me, that whatever her reasons, ‘Kristina’ did not want to meet with me, what didn’t make sense, was why she would agree to a meeting, allow me to pay for everything and then create a set of circumstances where it had to be cancelled a few days before. Not once, but twice in 2 months!

This time I resolved to search for the truth and with a combination of local private detectives, some personal research and some long overdue intuition, I became convinced that the reason ‘Kristina’ didn’t want to meet with me was because she couldn’t, because she was a fake. However, this was supposition and I could not be 100% certain and I decided to call ‘Kristina’s’ bluff.

I started this process by writing to Jump4Love and asking for a copy of the ‘proof of identity’ given

by Kristina Smirnova when she registered. After an unusually extended wait, I was provided with a copy of a passport which included a photograph of the person that I had come to know as Kristina Smirnova. I have to confess, I was not convinced about the authenticity of the passport and I was also suspicious that it should take so long to get a copy of something that was supposed to be kept ‘on file’.

I subsequently contacted ‘Kristina’ and told her that I had information on her true identity and that I wanted to give her the opportunity to tell me the truth, rather than allow me to expose her as a liar. However, whilst I was 99% convinced that ‘Kristina’ was a fake, I had no idea who the real person behind her identity was and I needed her to confess. Of course, as a consummate and accomplished liar, ‘Kristina’ continued the façade for close to an hour, until eventually, she realised that if she didn’t tell me the truth, then I would report my suspicions to the website (Jump4Love), including the fact that I believed I had been provided with a fake passport, this was something she very clearly didn’t want.

So finally, “Kristina” admitted that she was in fact Natalia Granchenko and that she had been

wearing a wig in the guise of ‘Kristina’. The name was not a complete shock to me, because ‘Kristina’ had previously told me that her mother was called Natalia Granchenko and that her mother worked in a bank.  In addition, I recalled that ‘Kristina’s’ best friend was called Natalia and also had an active profile on the Jump4Love website. In fact, ‘Kristina’ even had the audacity to send me photos of Natalia, I was quite shocked about how brazen she had been.

Over a period of a few days, I asked Natalia how it was possible for her to set up a fake identity when Jump4Love claimed that everyone must provide proof of their identity.  She told me that the “Agency Director”, Margarita Naumenko had allowed her to set up this fake profile. I then asked her why she would want to set up a false profile, although I have to confess, at this stage, I was fairly certain of the true reason. However, in what was to become a well rehearsed answer, Natalia said it was because she was “in love” with me and I had never responded to any letters she had sent under her real identity. I told her that I didn’t believe this, it was simply too ridiculous for words. In what was to be a further bluff, I told Natalia that I believed that she was using additional fake profiles, she then confessed that she was behind another profile, a girl called “Olga”, but that this girl was real, a friends of hers and she had just “taken over” her profile. I asked her why she would do this and she couldn’t answer the question.

I then told Natalia that I believed she was being paid to communicate with me. She categorically denied this. I went on to say that I had been doing some research and there was a lot of evidence that agencies were advertising for girls to chat to men in return for a commission of 50% or more of income generated. I told her, that based on what she had now revealed to me and my own research I believed there was strong circumstantial evidence that she was being paid by the “agency” for writing and chatting to men. Once again Natalia denied this, saying she did it “for love”. I considered this to be a statement that stretched even the most vivid imagination. I asked Natalia if she denied that girls working for Margarita Naumenko were paid and she said that all she could say was that she had never been paid, but there were “prizes” given as an incentive and “some girls working at the agency may get paid”.

I told Natalia that all the evidence pointed to her being paid to communicate to me. Specifically, the fact that she always claimed that Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other alternative methods of communications didn’t work, the fact that she claimed that she did not have an email address, the fact that I was never able to call her mobile phone and therefore, the only reliable communication we could have was through the Jump4Love website. If that was not enough, I  continued, the fact that she had not one, but two fake profiles that she was using on a daily basis, in addition to her own profile clearly indicated a profit motive. Once again, Natalia denied this.

When I asked Natalia why she agreed to 3 meetings with me, when she knew that it would be impossible for me to meet with “Kristina”, she told me that she had every intention of telling me before the meeting that she was really Natalia. I noted, that where Natalia had become increasingly indignant in the weeks following the New Years Eve incident and subsequent cancellation of our meeting, now she was sounding increasingly desperate. It was my opinion and I expressed this to Natalia, that this was not because she feared my reaction, but because she appeared to fear the wrath of Margarita Naumenko. Once again, she denied this, claiming that she did not want to cause “problems for Margarita”, but I felt it was more than that, because her concern was palpable.

I told Natalia that even if she was denying that she personally made any money from our communications (something I didn’t believe then and don’t believe now), it was evident that her Agency Director, Margarita Naumenko had profited from this deception and I considered this fact to be both unacceptable, immoral and distasteful. Natalia could not see the logic in this. I went on to explain that Margarita Naumenko facilitated the setting up of this fake profile and even when it was clear that the fake identity was generating a substantial income as a result of our daily chats and regular letters, she did nothing to discourage or curtail it. Not only that, but as “Kristina”, Natalia had admitted to me that she had been communicating with other men, something that clearly belied the claim that the profile was set up for love and not profit. I made clear to Natalia that I was not convinced by her “love” argument and that I was disgusted that Margarita Naumenko had profited from what was a deliberate and cruel deception that last for more than 7 months.

Natalia begged me not to create a problem with Jump4Love and said that she would immediately remove all 3 profiles, her own, that of Kristina and also the one she was controlling for her friend, Olga.  I told her that I was prepared to allow matters to remain ‘local’ provided Margarita paid full restitution for my losses which I estimated at around $35,ooo, the profiles were removed immediately, I received a written apology from Margarita Naumenko and a written undertaking from Natalia that she would remove all real and fake profiles from all websites that she was registered on and an agreement that she would never again use a similar dating or marriage website. Natalia was happy to accept my conditions and I agreed that I would write to Margarita Naumenko outlining my claim against her.

Natalia said that she would speak to Margarita Naumenko and that she was sure she would not want any “problems”. I asked Natalia to make clear to Margarita that in my opinion, making money out of a deception that she had personally facilitated could, in my view, be constituted as a case of fraud and that I was seriously considering making a formal complaint to the Police. Natalia agreed to pass on my sentiments.

In the interim, Natalia was keen that we should remain in contact and I agreed to this, provided such communications were outside Jump4Love.

I will provide more details of my communications with Agency Director, Margarita Naumenko in my next posting.