I want to take issue with Jump4Love.

Since the launch of this blog outlining my personal experience, Jump4Love have attempted to counter my real life experience with at least 10, and probably many more sites making the claims which they know to be untrue. These rebuttal sites typically state that the site contains “no scams, no fakes and only real girls”. Firstly, the can never guarantee this and second it is patently untrue.

To reassure unsuspecting men, they state that all profiles and photos are verified and this is “guaranteed”. What they fail to make clear, is that any verification is completed by the local agents they use as they confirmed to me in writing. But herein lies the problem, most of the fake profiles are actually added to, or managed by the local agents, who typically receive some 50% of the revenues generated.

Let me provide a typical example.

Girl A decides she wants to find a husband from outside Ukraine. She visits a local ‘marriage agancy’ and they provide her with a free photoshoot. After all, they want to ensure that the girl looks her best, because she is their ‘product’. After a few weeks, the girl becomes dissolutioned and tells the agency she wants to leave and asks them to remove her profile. However, the local agency doesn’t want to lose their ‘investment’, so they either refuse, tell her they will remove it in due course, or just remove it from one of the dating sites. What men need to realise is most local agencies have contracts with a number of different international dating sites, so Girl A’s profile could be on several sites, with or without her knowledge. There have, for example, been claims by men that they have had letters from the “same girl” on different sites and girl doesn’t remember them. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why!

Once Girl A has gone on her way, Girl B takes over the profile. Girl B will continue to write letters and have chat sessions without video for as long as she can get away with it. Whatever Jump4Love state in their rebuttal blogs, they have NO way of knowing how many of these profiles have been taken over by another ‘employee’ of the local agent. However, whilst Jump4Love may not know which of these profiles are no longer managed by the original girl, they most certainly know it happens and they have admitted this to me. Interestingly, unless things have changed more recently, Jump4Love conduct no local audits of girls profiles…and if they were doing this, then you can be sure they would tell you about it.

Another way a local agent can drum up business is by hijacking the identity if unsuspecting girls. Images can be stolen from local social media sites or even modelling sites. In fact, some images are not even drawn from Eastern European sites. So how is this possible. Well, at least with Jump4Love, the local agent is responsible for verifying identities…so it is simple and, of course, this is precisely how I was scammed.

I made some suggestions to Jump4Love to avoid rogue agencies and fake profiles, which included, for example, unannounced local audits, and prevented the local agencies from replacing all of the images on a particular profile. From what I can see, they have not implemented any of my suggestions and the reason is almost certainly profit. These sites are a business, if they lose profiles, whether they are real or fake, then they lose income.

Now, unlike some others, I do not claim that Jump4Love are complicit in any fraud. For what it is worth, I think these are a local issue. However, I do make clear that I believe they could do more to prevent fake profiles appearing on their site. The decision not to is their, but what really irks me, is that they continue to mislead men by making claims that are patently untrue. No site can claim that they only have real girls, no site can claim that they have no fakes…and most certainly not Jump4Love.

My advice to anyone considering spending their mony on the Jump4Love site is don’t. If you want to meet Eastern European girls then go to one of the social media sites (Classmates or VK.com), you can set up a profile and contact girls directly. Or, use a free site such as fdating.com.

Of course, you can still be scammed by a girl asking you directly for money, but there are many sites on the internet that cover this particular aspect. In fact, many dating sites will have information on these types of scams. However, this is, in my opinion, just a smokescreen to hide the fact that the most profitable scams take place at the behest of the local agents. And, whilsy the dating sites may not have specific information on each fake profile, they certainly know that it happens. Any claim otherwise is at best disingenuous and at worst, a blatant lie.