Manykova Ekaterina aka Knaeva Ludmila (Mari El, Russia)



Hi my Philip. I read your letter and try to understand each of your words. I do not want to miss nor one your word. So me necessary to look some word in dictionary. I am spend much time in cafe internet, but I radium to do this. I much it is important to be aware of you. I interesting as you live and know all that with you happen. I shall also tell about itself. I think that I did not speak you, but I live with my parent. They already old. I much love them. We always find the rapport.

The Ma on pensions already and pope still works in collective farm, in village here. I think that you know collective farm – as farm beside you. He is a tractor driver. Well that in farmhouses not it is necessary to pay much money for public facilities. I think that we came short it is enough money to pay for all types of the public utilities. I earn much little in contrast with salary charge, which get the people in city. I get only 2800 roubles. This has considered and this even less than 100 dollars. Well that us necessary to pay only for used water and for natural gas, which is heated house. I should like to tell you more. Ask me about than-or. I also have several questions for you. I hope that you will not obstruct to answer my questions. What you want to have your future wife?

Write me little. You have chose between woman who has a money and quarry. Or that, which can do all on house. She will die well to prepare, wipe, wants the child and take care of child, but she will not die to earn much money :). I today had an interest and watched all telephones which will sell in our city and can you to say that the most cheap telephones cost(stand) 100-120 dollars, for my salary this dearly and here is so I want to ask beside you , but how much cost beside you telephones can be much better and you will more cheaply if you bathe and send me on my address. I shall much wait the answer to my question. my full name – I – Manykova Ekaterina. You have said that want to send me letter in mail. I must be lucky to get the letter on paper from You. I certainly can give You its address, but I not determined that your letter is reached me. You know that I easy money in village only and postmans seldom bring the package and letter. I think that to be a best idea if I must write the address its aunt. She lives in city Zvenigovo, and I determined that its letter for I must reach her. I must be capable to get your letter after she will become. You know that I shall arrive in Zvenigovo nearly each day to write You and I can sometimes fall into guests her. I give You her address: Russia The City Zvenigovo, street Komsomolskaya 6, Apartment 50. THE POST-CODE 425000 And her full name Knaeva Ludmila.
And my address: Russia The Republican House Mari El Village Bolshaya Sosnovka 26, POST-CODE 425072 And now I think that You know its full name: Manykova Ekaterina Certainly you can not find my city on card since our city very young and him on card else no. I much liked the photography your cousin she very sweetie girl, I much wanted to get acquainted with her, I hope that soon we shall be able with her to get acquainted. I much want really to know you better and look at you each day, I feel that you really exactly that person near by which I shall feel itself persisting woman. I shall very pleased if we with you shall walk on all places of your city, I this shall much love. I shall wait your answer. Say me also about that, what meal you love. Tell about your loved guard;keep and say as his prepare. I shall wait your new letter and answer to my questions. Your good girlfriend Katya

* * * * *

My love Philip I want to write to you that that I really with all my heart love you and I want to be only with you, I cannot understand why you do not believe me? And still I want to write you that that for me to lives the most important love with my favourite person that is with you, for me that is very important that I and you were happy for all our life. For me at all have no value of money as you think, for me money this-anything in comparison with my love to you, I do not want to prove more to you that that I love you
really and that that for me really is very important to be near to you, I already many times spoke it to you but you do not want to understand me. I trust you and to me is not clear why you cannot as to trust me. You write to me that I have taken money in a duty from somebody, I once again want to write you that that so much money to receive from us here should work we the smallest 4 months with a condition of that that money will not be spent on what, well and how you think who can give me so much money? I here precisely know that so much anybody will not give money to me, as at all the life and everyone try only for themselves, and I precisely know that that anybody and even anybody does not have such money. I do not know as still to you to explain that that I you very strongly I love, you do not trust me, and to me to become very bad from it. I want to be with you and to love only you. Yours Ekaterina

* * * * *

Dear Philip. I am happy that you have written to me such good letters I thank the god for that that I have you, I do not present my life without you. I as well as all of you feel it also I is happy at me on eyes even there are tears of pleasure, I am grateful to all on light for that that I such happy on light, I want to write to you that that you the most dear person for me and that that I very much want to live only with you and to be all I wash a life with you. I thought of you. So I wanted to write to you again. The truth – I think of you every day. Never probably I spoke you, that it before So badly does so now. There is no day, pass, I do not think of you. I think of you every day. I grieve without you, and I am a pity to me, that now not with you, but I very much hope for that that we can to be very soon together. You ask phone of agency me I want to inform you that that I asked them also they to me have told that that they cannot accept bells from other country, they only can accept bells from Russia, I in fact wrote to you that at us city very small and that that here is valid even all people know each other. And I to you can ask them and write to you once again all about the visa, I can in fact make the visa at me only there is no money, I should pay this money and they to me will make the visa. And then we can already be together. I very much want to visit you, you do not represent even it as strongly I want to be with you and to visit you, whether and as I cannot answer still your question on that I shall stay with you as I yet did not meet you, but it seems to me that I necessarily shall want to remain near to such good person as you. Whether you ask me about that I wish to have phone and a computer of a house, I would be certainly very glad if at me phone and a computer but if you wish me to send money for phone and a computer I was shall be very glad to write to you from a house, it would be much easier for me, I write to you it as I do not know when we can be together, in fact I do not have money to arrive to you, if at me were money I could arrive to you though tomorrow, I very much want it, whether as I want at you to ask really you want to be with me and if it so that when we can be together? I as already wrote to you I the visa and to it to me should make is necessary to pay money. I should use not a cellular telephone, and domestic to have a computer of a house, at us to lead a home telephone number 287 dollars are required and I at all do not know how many there is a computer but if you really want that that I had a computer of a house I can learn how many there is a computer. I shall wait for your letter, write to me all that you think of that that I have written to you. Yours Ekaterina

* * * * *

My dear Philip I am happy from that that I have you. When I receive from you letters to me to become very well, and I understand that even more that you for me mean also that much that I only with you want to be, it is very pleasant for me to receive from you letters, I with the big pleasure read all your letters and I on my person always have a smile and when I look at your photo to me even more it becomes good, you cannot present yourself at all that as I am happy. I really very much want to be with you and to lead the most remarkable time only with you. I wait for this day with impatience. I yesterday talked to mine mum about that that to me you very dear person and she is very glad for me, to my parents the most important that that I was happy, and they liked you when I have shown them your photo they have told to me that that you at once are visible very good person and that that they would be glad for that that I shall leave to you. I am very glad for that that my mum and the daddy understand me and want only the biggest happiness for me. You write me that that you are afraid to lose me, but I do not understand you, why? I in fact am valid with all my heart I want to be only with you and more nobody is necessary for me except for you. And I would be really very glad if we could speak by with you to phone, I really very much would like to hear your pleasant voice and for me very important that that you have heard me, but I cannot make it as I already wrote about that much that we in village do not have phone and that to lead him are necessary money and in our village anybody yet has not written the application to have phone, but I would be very glad to write the application for phone and that that we could talk to you every day. I very much want that you have helped me with phone. You ask me about that that western union there is in my city I once again want to write to you that that you not should specify the address there only my name and a surname is necessary, to me it the manager has told, I really very much want to have phone and to prove to you that that I want to have serious attitudes with you. I very much miss your letters, write to me. I shall wait for your letter and I hope for that that you will help me already very soon and we can hear already each other by phone. Yours Ekaterina