Oksana Shoshina(Cheboksary,Russia)


When this person was offered to have ticket(s) purchased from here, instead
of having money sent to Western Union, there were no further replies. name,
email, address information and two sample letters received:

Her letters:

Hi, my darling ______. I am happy, that have received from you the letter.
How you? How at you affairs ?
I so have understood, that we with you have precisely stopped to Turkey, and we shall continue there ours with you acquaintance.
I so wait for this moment and I wish to be closer with you. I dream of our meeting and already began sleep badly at night. I would like to embrace you, to kiss you and to hold you for hands. I want, that our meeting was the most unforgettable that we always remembered her and we would like to be together. I wish this moment and I dream of this .
I am very excited, I so did not worry even before examinations.

I have learned all how I can arrive to Turkey. To me have told such information, At the Russian airport, to me will give any document when I shall show to them tickets and ladies of 40 dollars for this document then I can fly. With themselves I should have 500 dollars, it Cash. This sum of cashes which should be at entry this country. But this money, I necessarily shall give you, when we shall meet you in Turkey. Cost of a charter flight of 380 dollars, there and back, they is cheaper, than one way. The airport of the Sheremetyevo in Moscow.
Cost of the ticket by train up to Moscow 1500 roubles, 60 dollars.
As Turkey, the country accessible to everything the special control there is not necessary, much easier to drive, than to you.
On what number to me to take the ticket? What will you tell?
If to book a ticket earlier that will be little bit cheaper.
It turns out, that I need 480 dollars to fly and have a rest with you. This sum includes also the ticket back into Russia. And more, it is necessary to show 500 dollars at the airport, it will mean, that I go not with empty hands and I have a sum on which I shall have a rest. When we shall meet you. That I shall necessarily give you these 500 dollars. It turns out only 980 dollars.
I with such impatience wait for our meeting and I dream of this constantly.
I already have ideas and imaginations as we shall spend time with you together. I want, that you have remained is happy with me, and you would like to be much closer to me.
I wait for your answer. With love, gently you I embrace also the whole. Your Oksana.
* * * * *

Hi, ____ How you? Is glad to receive from you the letter.
If it is fair, I did not expect from you the letter.
You know, that I wished to meet you, but you have not answered me my last letter. I spoke you, that I with pleasure would arrive to you, but I do not have money. Probably it is strange to you to read that at the girl in Russia, is not present mobile and she does not presume to arrive to herself
on the sea. Yes, it so. The medicine, at us, is paid too little. In other countries, it is much easier and easier.
You will act as the present gentleman if you will help me, I shall be grateful to you.
I very much dreamed of our meeting and when you started to ask to me questions, I have simply become puzzled. I certainly would not like to ask from you money, but I cannot arrive itself.
Well, if you have not changed the mind, I start to gather on the sly, I shall take only the most beautiful things. That it was pleasant to you.
In occasion of my holiday, I can take him at any moment, it is possible even right now. I will need to go, buy now tickets, up to Moscow and up to Odessa.
I think, that if you will send me 500 dollars to me will suffice if will not suffice I shall add, at me will be a few money when I shall go to holiday.
Still, I would like to buy to myself a beautiful bathing suit. In a bathing suit, what color, you would like to see me??? Everything, only for you!
I know only one fast way to receive money, I spoke you, to me this information gave in agency. To me have told, that I without any problems, I can receive from you money.
I already dream of how we with you shall have a rest.
To me have told in agency, that so I can receive from you money. You should me send by mail, any 10 figures, I on them can receive this sum.
As soon as I shall receive, at once I shall go to write the application on work, on holiday, and I shall go to order tickets. Number I shall tell to you at once as soon as I shall order.
Here this address.
Oksana Shoshina.
Do not think, that I wish you to deceive, I only very much wish to meet you
personally and to be with you weigh holiday.
I wait from you for the answer. The whole. Oksana.