AdultFriendFinder is without a doubt, one of the Internet’s most popular ‘adult’ matchmaking services. Quite literally one of the largest, they started out with not such a good reputation, and after what must be a decade of service, we wanted to see if this site was still up to the same old tricks and scams. If AFF have become more reputable, then, there is hope after all for the rest of the scam-happy sites that have followed their example. Welcome to the world of the AdultFriendFinder scam.

FriendFinder Networks – Pioneers of Fake Profiles

Back in the day, FFN (the people behind Adult Friend Finder) really did pioneer the use or perhaps abuse of fake profiles. In fact, it got so bad that at one point, they offered widgets (site components) to thousands of affiliate web masters so that they too could do the same.

“Hot girls in Sydney”, “Hot girls in Timbuktu” – it made no difference, as you would get a page filled with what would most certainly be hot girls, but most definitely not genuine, or even real profiles! This AdultFriendFinder scam has propagated itself throughout the Net, and it is now something that as an adult dating site user, you simply cannot avoid.

From fake profiles to as many marketing tricks as they could possibly muster, you would probably think that AdultFriendFinder makes a small fortune from all the various scams they run. You would be right, but they spend a small fortune on what is perhaps one of the Internet’s largest or seediest affiliate programs, paying cyber agents a small fortune to sign up new members.

Beware Fake Profiles

The site itself is filled with escorts and girls looking for men who are willing to drop a few dollars in their PayPal for a cam show, and that is if you are lucky! We have heard reports of major scams and swindles all originating from savvy fraudsters exploiting vulnerable people on Adult FriendFinder.

While there are indeed many, many legitimate profiles on the site, thanks to navigation that’s designed to throw you on to links that makes AdultFriendFinder money and many profiles that quite honestly, any reputable site would have removed, it’s pretty hard to have anything but a frustrating experience on AFF.

The Picasso of Scammers

The AdultFriendFinder scam is unlike other adult-dating and matchmaking sites, because if you are willing to spend a fortune on it, you will eventually find someone willing to have a bit of ‘fun’. There are real men and women on the site if you can find them.  Just don’t go taking anything for granted, and if you do get scammed by anyone on there, don’t expect Adult FriendFinder to do anything, because AFF are interested in one thing only, and that’s your subscription.

It seems that FriendFinder networks really are the experts of adult dating scams and exploiting vulnerable and perhaps not so web-smart users out of their money. If this were Amazon, eBay or another more ‘reputable’ industry, every consumer watchdog under the sun would take action. Sadly, no one is interested in bringing this dirty corporation to justice. After all, who wants to get their hands dirty trying to clean up the dirt!

From BigChurch (Christian dating) to GradFinder, FriendFinder Networks really do have the monopoly and world record on the most ever dating scams by a single company. I’m a big believer in niche dating. If you’re married, stay away from single dating sites.