is perhaps one of the latest innovations by the people behind such popular networks as AdultFriendFinder and more. This scam-hardy organization it seems has launched yet another dating site, targeted to fetish / adult dating, and we decided to take a quick look and see whether they’ve improved any, or if is just as bad as everything else that’s on offer from FriendFinder. Welcome to the world for the scam.

Lots of Users Can’t be Bad!

We logged on to the site after seeing what we can only describe as a torrent of ads from Adult FriendFinder. The people at FFN(FriendFinder Networks) are sparing no expense in catching people that are looking for a bit more of an ‘adventurous’ experience, and after clicking on the huge banner, we were instantly redirected to the ALT website which touts itself as the ‘most dynamic alternative lifestyle community.’ With apparently ‘free’ membership and of course – tons of fake profiles on the front page, we signed up to see whether could finally deliver a positive online dating experience from FFN.

‘In Your Dreams’ Free Membership

Unfortunately, even after registering, we were instantly confronted with a subscription form offering a number of premium memberships and the chance to ‘save’ on a 3 Month subscription, or choose a monthly plan, which cost around $30. Unfortunately with the Scam, choosing premium membership gives you next to nothing, if you want to have ‘highlighted listings’ and stand even the remotest chance of finding a match, you have to pay this company even MORE, in the form of an additional $10 per month for what you’d think is a standard feature of premium membership.

Overall, it is the same old deception with auto-renew which rebills at the highest rate possible. That means if you take up a quarterly subscription, which gives you around a 40% discount, they will instantly start billing you for the higher rate after your initial three months are up! The bad marketing and deceptive practices have unfortunately continued.

Amazingly, 30 seconds after registering we were already receiving ‘matches’ and interest from other members despite the fact some of them were thousands of miles away! It’s nice to be popular, but we think that ALT.COM have both completely disregarded our somewhat kinky matching criteria, and also completely invented this ‘fantasy’ interest, because we’re absolutely sure that no one is interested in a photo-less, detail-less profile. Scam Happy FFN!

At its best, is a kinkier more perverse form of Adult FriendFinder where anything goes, and we mean ANYTHING. With such a kinky site, there is no doubt that after searching through the profiles (with what limited access we had) that there is a lot of inactive profiles that are simply brought up to keep the site looking busy. Combined with the many escorts offering all sorts of services, it’s all typical of the FriendFinder scam activities.

Globally, claims over 2 million members, but with less than a hundred online at the time we checked, we find that sincerely hard to believe.  The scam might be typical of online adult dating sites and the FFN, but that does not make it any more acceptable and with many legitimate alternatives out there – there’s no reason to waste your time and money at this fetish site turned cash cow. Research

We took a pulse of the feedback through the big G. If you do a search for scam, you would get back over 11 million results. 11 million, that is a LOT of unhappy people.