is a site that claims to be like no other; while doing some research into adult dating and ‘fling’ type-sites; we discovered that they really are true to their name! Indeed, while it’s a place while you certainly can be ‘naughty’ the site does not achieve it through a unique selling point or great customer service, but sadly, through deceptive marketing. They really have proven that it really is ‘more fun than being nice.’

As an incentive, is a site that advertises 100% free dating for females which has sadly destroyed any chance of a reasonable experience on this rather popular dating site. Indeed, because of this enticement, it is safe to say that BeNaughty does not care about who registers, as long as the guys pay, and pay well for their membership.

But don’t worry, they offer a three day trial, but if you don’t like the experience, you have to give them three days advance notice that you want to cancel the trial or else you’ll be converted into a monthly recurring subscription! That means, the 3-day trial is sadly, useless as it will almost always convert to a recurring subscription on your credit card before you can cancel.

BeNaughty Scam Exposed

It can’t be denied however, that does have a fair few thousand male members who have signed up thanks to raunchy advertising campaigns both on and off-line. Unfortunately, while many of these guys signed up for a free profile (i.e. no messaging) they were enticed into subscribing by receiving lots of messages from profiles such as sexy_legs_69, ebony_queen and perhaps even new_yorkgirl22.

While these profile names are fictional – they’re an example of the types of profiles that send fake messages generated by BeNaughty and sent out to newer members to not just make the site feel appealing, but to make it down right irresistible. After all, if you are a lonely guy that’s trying to meet someone – an inbox filled with ‘messages’ really does make the site seem like a goldmine.

Sadly, these messages do not go anywhere, as many members find out when following up; that the profiles are either completely fake and never reply, or ran by webcam girls who are trying to get your credit card information to sign you up for ridiculously expensive porn.

The BeNaughty Scam – Why So Naughty?

With their fake emails, deceptive practices and some terrible customer support, BeNaughty is certainly not the place where you want to have a bit of fun. While we know this is not the site to be if you are looking for the love of your life, this adult dating site is most definitely not the place if you want anything other than lots of attention from cyber-sluts, fake profiles and perhaps even Nigerian fraudsters.