Have you ever wondered what the girls on these so called dating sites or marriage agencies think of you?

Here is a forum used by girls from Ukraine who actively and without apology discuss the various aspects of using so called dating sites and marriage agencies: http://forum.od.ua/showthread.php?t=103036. Although the forum is in Russian/Ukrainian, you can translate each page and get a useful insight into the real views, objectives and goals of these girls. Persevere, it is an eye opener!

For example, they like to refer to men using the dating sites as “clients”, and some girls prefer the less complimentary term of “peasants”. Not something you would expect from girls who join a dating site wanting  to find a “foreign husband”. But, this is the harsh reality of these dating sites, far from offering an opportunity for men and women to meet beyond international borders, they offer lucrative employment for students, married women, girls with local boyfriends and yes, I assume, a few girls with serious intentions.

In these posts, girls refer to the commissions they are paid by local marriage agencies to engage in communications with men. Some want to move further up the ladder and become a ‘marriage agency’ or affiliate, but with such easy money to be made, the dating websites can set the barrier high, often, according to these posts, requiring a minimum of 20 to 50 new girls with each new agency. You can read the complaints made about various dating websites when girls or, more accurately, the local agent or affiliate is “fined” for some misdemeanour.

Girls offer each other advice on the best ways of ensuring that their ‘real life’ does not get mixed up in the fake life they lead whilst earning money from dating websites via their local marriage agency. It would appear that not all men are as stupid as the girls like to believe, and to the indignation of these girls, some men are starting to search for the girls they are regularly communicating with on social networking sites such as: VKontakte.ru; Mail.ru and Odnoklassniki.ru. I assume this is because men want to ensure that they are communicating with real girls and not fakes, or perhaps it is because they want to check the veracity of the statements and claims made by the girls they are writing to or chatting with. Either way; these girls are not happy and some complain bitterly that their “work life” should not encroach upon their “personal life”!!! Am I missing something here? I thought the whole purpose of girls joining these websites was to find a suitable partner and change their personal life for the better. Okay I digress, back to reality…the girls are worried about these incursions and offer each other advice. For example, they suggest using a nickname or pseudonym, hiding profiles from anyone that is not a friend, changing their age, date of birth and/or their city of residence. Above all, they firmly recommend not using the same photos from their dating profiles within their social networking profiles. It wouldn’t be wise to make it too easy for us!!!!

However, what really has the girls up in arms is the fact that some of the dating sites, the two specifically mentioned are Dream Marriage and Anastasia, are also getting in on the act and routinely searching for and checking the social networking profiles of the girls registered on their sites. It would appear that, depending on how naughty the girls have been regarding their personal situations, they could end up being fined or having their profile permanently deleted from the dating website. No profile, no work…it is easy to understand why the girls would be so outraged that their “working life should infringe on their personal life”. Interestingly, none of the girls appear to be too concerned about the fact that they routinely lie to men, pretending to be looking for a life partner, when in reality; they are just trying to earn as much money as possible through letters and webchat…no matter how many lies they have to tell to achieve their goals. Spend an hour or two reading these posts and you will quickly realise how mercenary these girls are. I read hundreds of posts…and not one mentioned anything about girls wanting to meet the love of their life.

Whilst liars and cheats appear acceptable to the dating websites, it is apparent that they do not want girls who are using fake profiles and some dating site owners are being very proactive in their attempts to remove these girls. I suspect this has more to do with the fact that men can also complete such checks and the website owners don’t want to be caught out, rather than a genuine attempt to ensure that men are not deceived or mislead. A cynic may even surmise that the ongoing investigation by the FBI Internet Crimes Division is encouraging many of the USA based websites to get their act together! That said, the only sites that are mentioned on this forum in terms of having a proactive approach to weeding out fakes is Dream Marriage and Anastasia. The likes of Jump4Love, MariyaClub, Cinderella and a few others are notable by their absence from the commentary of this particular forum, suggesting that the anti-fraud measures on these websites is weaker. That said, in the case of jump4Love and relying on my own personal experience with them, it comes as no surprise. In fact, one girl even referred to jump4Love as a “porn site”, whilst that term may not be included in the J4L marketing material, the fact remains that if you want a cheap thrill, then Jump4Love is the place to go…because there are many girls there that will willing remove their clothes (and more) at the drop of a hat (or more accurately in exchange for a few credits)…and the site even encourages voyeurs, by permitting men to “spy” on girls that are engaged with other men. Girls don’t complain of course, because they will get paid even more money, so why not put on a show? I don’t know if this would class jump4Love as a porn site, but it certainly sets itself apart from other dating sites.

Anyway, for those of you that are considering subscribing to, or buying credits with an Eastern European dating website (or marriage agency), I would strongly recommend that you first visit the forum mentioned in this post. You will quickly realise that many of the girls on these sites have a cynical and insulting approach the men they meet during the course of our job. They may not ask you for money directly, but it is clear from their own words, that they communicate with us for the money…and woe betide anyone or anything that affects their “personal lives”…after all, your emotions are secondary…men (or as they prefer “clients” or “peasants”) are just a means to exploit and make money from.

If you want to meet a woman from Eastern Europe, the best advice I can give you is to join a local social networking site such as: VKontakte.ru; Mail.ru and Odnoklassniki.ru (there are many more micro sites)…these are free and because there is no financial motive, you are less likely to be scammed or deceived. As for the Eastern European dating sites I would give them a wide berth…as one girl points out on this forum, it is becoming harder and harder to earn money because men simply no longer respond to unsolicited letters from the girls. One final thing….most of these girls are particularly adept at Photoshop or similar derivatives, you have been warned!