Internet marriage agency or dating sites would have you believe that the only scams you should be concerned about are those where a girl asks for money. This is probably the biggest scam of them all, because the reality is these types of scams pale into insignificance when compared with the amount of money men are scammed out of from the sites themselves. Whether it is with the connivance of the dating sites or not, the fact is, the vast majority of girls on these sites are there because they receive commission for communicating with men by letter or in web chat. Contrary to what these dating sites would have you believe, some girls operate multiple profiles, some are married or have regular boyfriends and many are students or models. However, these dating sites put a great deal of effort into redirecting your attention from the reality or they blatantly lie about the facts.

Take Jump4Love, they have put a lot of time and effort into creating positive propaganda where they set up sites and blogs which extol the virtues of their main site, using tags such as; “no fake profiles”, “no fraud”, “no scam” and “only real ladies”. Now they know and I know for a fact, that these tags are not only misleading, they are also untrue. That notwithstanding, anyone that cares to look at Jump4Love’s terms and conditions will note that they go to great pains to distance themselves from the girls on their dating site; claiming that they are not responsible for the girls that are featured on their site and that they can’t guarantee that the girls genuine.

Jump4Love have mirror sites and also a number of blogs. The former is not unusual, but the latter is in my view, a cynical attempt to create positive and misleading claims about the virtues of their site and to drown out the more relevant and factual stories about people that have had a bad experience at Jump4Love or, for that matter, similar dating sites. The blogs typically contain generic and condescending stories with backlinks to Jump4Love’s main site. I also note that some blogs which contain positive reviews about jump4Love also have a ‘referrer’ code allowing the person writing the post to be identified and, presumably, to receive some reward or commission for each referrer that subsequently starts spending money with Jump4Love…therefore, you can take anything that is written within these particular posts with a pinch of salt.

These sites operate with virtual impunity with no oversight and little or no protection for the men that believe the sites are genuine dating sites. Unless, or until the authorities crack down on this international scandal, it is left for those who have had real experience to write about them in the hope that others do not follow the same path. I urge those that have been scammed by any of these dating sites to write about their experiences and expose the girls and sites…and for those that are considering registering with a dating site, I would recommend that they complete their research and check the sites terms and conditions before they part with any money. I reiterate what I have already written, the biggest money making scam is not the girls asking for money, but the money men spend on these sites communicating with girls who are being paid to write and chat.