Affiliate Disclosure

In the interest of transparency for our audience, we want to make it 100% clear how we earn money from our website.

Most websites choose to hide it or make it incredibly difficult to find but we believe in ensuring you understand how we operate and make money.

We also want to try educate our website visitors so hopefully they will understand how their other favourite websites will generate revenue.

The majority of the money we make on comes from the use of you clicking an ‘affiliate link’ – when people click these links and sign up or make a purchase, we might receive anything from $0.10 to $1.00.

That’s the basics of affiliate marketing.

You will now realise a lot of websites abuse affiliate links to squeeze the most money out of their visitors.

One good point to remember though – the biggest brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Amazon all use affiliate marketing to generate extra revenue.

In the adult scene – you will notice a shit ton of ‘comparison’ websites. In fact these websites are the ‘king’ affiliates and have huge power when it comes to which dating site is at the top of the list. They receive huge commission when people sign-up and that then ranks the website higher.

You’ll never see us with a list that’s impartial or one that you can’t trust.

If we think a dating site sucks, it will be plastered all over our blog. We’re proud of our website and we’re not going to let money ruin our ways!

It’s important to remember that when you’re reading any review on the internet – you can only decide for yourself once you have the correct information.

We can not be held accountable if a product or dating website/app doesn’t work out for you.

(Don’t email us asking for a warranty or a refund – we are not the dating sites!) 

Will it cost me more using your link?


If anything, it could be cheaper. The dating site that you’re joining will just pay us for your signup. It gives our audience a chance to support us without spending a penny!

Do we have sponsored reviews too?

Brands can choose to pay us to speed up the process of us reviewing their website. But this doesn’t mean it will automatically be a good review. We want you to be aware of this.

These sponsored reviews will always be labelled correctly so our audience can see which brands have paid for a review.

If anyone offers us money to write a positive review (even if their product is amazing) then we choose not to work with that brand. That’s not the way we do business.

We need your support…

Our ultimate aim is to create a database of every dating website with our own review. But maintaining a site like this isn’t free – it costs money. Hosting isn’t expensive so we won’t mention that.

We pay a lot for our content editors and would love it if we could hire more.

If you are interested in that site anyway – make sure you click a link and feel free to let us know. Think you can write for us? Use the contact page…

A quick word about dating site support

As we don’t sell products or dating solutions directly, we cannot offer support for them. Any questions should be directed to the brand/dating site.

One final word

Want to speak to us? Head over to the contact page and let us know how we can help!

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